FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What time does the festival start?

A1: The festival is on Sat. May 6th, 2017 from 11am to 9:30pm

Q2: How much is the cost to attend?

A2: Entry for Children 5 & under are Free. General Admission is $5. Discount tickets are available on Groupon, and Living Social.

Q3: How can I rent a booth?

A3: Various Sizes, Types, and Locations are available. Please call 702-751-6352 [MELA] for availability

Q4: Are animals allowed at the festival?

A4: Only Service Animals are allowed

Q5: Do I have to buy tickets online?

A5: Tickets are available online, as well as onsite.

Q6: What forms of payment do we accept on site?

A6: We accept cash, credit/debit cards. ATMs are available onsite

Q7: What are food tickets?

A7: Food vendors will only accept food tickets; retail vendors may accept cash, credit/debit cards.

Q8: How do I get meal/food tickets?

A8: You can get them at the enterance and also within the arena

Q9: Would you have liquor or beer for sale?

A9: We will have a full bar onsite

Q10: Do you have parking on site?

A10: Parking is onsite and it is Free

Q11: Am I allowed to take picutres/video?

A11: You are allowed to take pictures/video, but please remember to tag us with #LasVegasMela

Q12: What are the food prices?

A12: Food prices vary based on item

Q13: Does General Admission cover the cost for food?

A13: General Admission does not cover/include the cost of food

Q14: Do you have vegetarian dishes at the festival?

A14: Many resturaunts will serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes onsite

Q15: How can I advertise?

A15: We have limited space available, please contact us for more information at 702-751-6352 [MELA]. We have pricing and banners sizes available here

Q15: What is the entertainment lineup?

A15: Please see our entertainment page for details on each performance and showtimes.

Q15: Can I bring a folding chair?

A15: You can bring low profile folding chairs.

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