Our organization (Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh Ji) is located at 6341 W. Lone Mountain Road, Las Vegas NV 89130. Gurdwara Baba Deep Singhji serves as a focal point for community gatherings- where Sikh culture thrives- folklores, fables, traditions and festivals provide a medium for sharing of Indian culture. People come together from different walks of life. Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh was incorporated in October 1998 to serve the needs of the people located in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas. It was established to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To form a place to learn, practice and promote religious, cultural and social values based on the concept of One God and Universal Brotherhood.
  • To arrange regular sessions on Gurbani and cultural traditions.
  • To organize programs, to promote the Sikh religion and culture and to teach Sikh history and Punjabi language.
  • To establish educational programs and facilities for the development of children and youth.
  • To organize community events [festivals, parades, games, celebration of life events] that promotes sharing, brotherhood and passing on of cultural wealth to new generations.

Since 1998, the Las Vegas Sikh community has accomplished several feats. We have regularly-scheduled Punjabi language and kirtan [hymn-recitals] sessions. Also for the past ten years, we have hosted Vaisakhi Melas [Indian Food and Cultural Festival]. These festivals are open to public at large. These events cater to all age groups. Young and old bring the best of what they know to share with people at large. These festivals bring music, food, and artists together. Sikh culture is very inclusive. Founding principles of the religion include equality in race, religion, gender and national origin. This culture has broad appeal to Indian subcontinent people. It has a great influence over the food, dress and traditions of Indians at large and the people who have come to love Indian food and traditions. Although Indians are a minority in the state, yet the cultural impact is many folds. Year over year, Indian Festival is able to increase its attendance. However, we believe that there is more can be done to reach out to people who have come to love Indian culture. Focus is particularly on new generation, who need a link to the past traditions, and culture. We believe engaging kids through arts programs not only keep them out of trouble, but also it helps bridge the gap between past and the future. They are the best hope to promote indigenous cultural traditions to folks beyond their own background.

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