VENDOR FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What’s the address of Festival Location?

A1: Festival Arena address is: 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas NV 89154

Q2: What time does the event start?

A2: Event start at 11am on Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Q3: How can I rent a booth?

A3: Various Sizes, Types, and Locations are available. Please visit Location Map to see which locations are available.

Q4: What’s the earliest or latest time for booth set up?

A4: Each vendor is required be ready by 10am on Sat. May 6th 2017. You may set up as early as 7am. We recommend you visit the site on Friday May 5th to review the arrangement and your potential needs.

Q5: Where is my booth?

A5: Please see the layout on our website.

Q6: What do I get with my booth location?

A6: Event provides location (size varies), tent (if purchased), Two (2) 8’ tables, Two (2) chairs, and an electricity drop. Additional lighting, chairs, and tables are available for rent at the time of booking your booth.

Q7: Where do I go once I reach at the Amphitheater?

A7: Head to the Ticketing Booth; Stop by the registration booth.

Q8: Who is my contact person at the site?

A8: Mr. Jasdeep Madan (702-353-3079) is the contact person; You may also call 702-751-MELA for additional support.

Q9: Do I get a parking pass?

A9: Yes, you will receive one parking pass per vendor. We have limited reserved parking for our participating vendors. See parking map.

Q10: How do I get in/out of the event?

A10: Each vendor is provided five (5) complimentary Admission Tickets to share with staff members.

Q11: Do I get Food Coupons?

A11: No complimentary coupons are provided by the event. Food Coupons are available for purchase at the ticketing at entrance and in the arena.

Q12: When can I pick up Vendor welcome packet (Parking pass, Admission tickets)?

A12: Welcome packets are available on site Friday May 5th from 5p-7p and on Sat May 6th before the festival starts. Please see your Contact person at the Registration desk.

Q13: Is my space going to be exactly 10' by 10' space or 20' by 20' space?

A13: The space you reserve is approximate and is not exatcly 10' by 10' or 20' by 20'.

Q14: I have a 10' by 10' space (excluding tent spaces), what does that mean?

A14: You will be sharing the space between two poles with another vendor, resulting in an approximate space of 10' by 10'.

Q15: I have a 20' by 20' space (excluding tent spaces), what does that mean?

A15: You will have the entire space between two poles which will result in an approximate space of 20' by 20'.

Q15: Lighting, Tables, and Chairs?

A15: With a booth we will include an electrical drop, two tables, and two chairs. Lights, extra tables, and extra chairs can be rented from us or you may bring your own.

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